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Spy pens are very useful cameras for a number of situations. You can use them for taking static images or recording video discreetly when interviewing someone, for taking notes of lectures in class, for spying on friends, or for just fun. At SpyPen.biz, we will present some spy pens and organize details regarding them for you so you can make a wise decision regarding the spy pen that you need. You can click some of the Links above to see the examples of spy pen that we have provided.

Specifications of Spy Pen:
There are different variety of spy pens available with different specifications (such as changes in resolution, size, amount of storage space, and design). A typical spy pen will have the following specifications:
-640*480 resolution (most spy pen today have this resolution but older models may be lower resolution). We recommend that you get at least 640*480 resolution.
-3 GB video compression
-Possible internal memory as well as a slot for external memory
-Video size depending on the quality of the image
-Recording mode: manual versus automated (continuous until out of memory)
-USB connection for transferring data or for charging.
-Battery type: often Lithium-ion based batteries.

Included accessories:
-USB Charger (Which is very handy -- you just plug into yoru computer and it charges the spy pen!)
-Pen refills (for the actual writing function of a pen!)
-Carrying cases (that protect spy pens from damage)
-Manual of instructions for your spy pen
-Rechargeable batteries (make sure they are good quality -- Lithium Ion for example are pretty good because they will usually last for at least 8 hours of recording time).

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Other features:

  • Can be used as USB storage device
  • Videos can be uploaded to your PC via USB directly from gum CamStick
  • Wide angle 3.6mm lens
  • Dimensions: 2.874in x .7874in x .4331 (73mm x 20mm x 11mm)
  • Weight: 18g
  • Great for hidden camera or spy camera
  • Real time recording in 3GP video format
  • Color video with voice lets you clearly see who's there & hear what they say
  • Uses Micro SD cards from 128MB to 2GB - 1GB comes with the P.I. Camstick and records about 45mi to 60 mi
  • Playback video on cell phone, or PC

So, essentially these are all the variables that you are dealing with when making a purchasing decision on a spy pen. You can click on one of the links above to find out more information about the spy pen product.













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